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space demented
[ don't give up the fight ]
...in other news 
15th-May-2008 04:18 pm(no subject)
That random 'pick 7 of my interests and I'll comment on them!' meme that seems to be doing the rounds
Interests picked by hullabalo_o

Dominic Howard
Green Tea
Origin of Symmetry
Sit the fuck down!
Supermassive Blackhole

In other news...I'm being less than productive today even though its a week today my exams start *GAAAAAAAHWTF?* ahem...I keep getting distracted...firstly by the fact MY HEATINGS BROKEN on this horrible, cold, soggy day in Bristol :( so I'm huddled here dressed in a huge jumper and leggings (my jeans got wet this morning in le rain, added joys) and rain-crazed hair like some extra from a 1986 episode of Neighbours. 

Then, just as I started working, my flatmate distracted me firstly asking for a cake tin, then some while later when I wandered through to investigate the distinct smell of burning cake to discover it is possible for a 19 year old to cock up the very basic baking of ready-made sponge mix....this poor cake was burnt, sunk, randomly soggy in the middle still and just looked all pathetic like some baking equivalent of a stray dog-on-a-string ...but he had it for lunch so it can;t have been all that awful...

Right...thats some more procrastinating done...off too work for a bit ERGH BOREDOM..I might get some peas before I start *wanders off* 

EDIT: oh and if anyone wants me to pick some interests out for them, let me know! But most of my flist seem to have done this meme already :) we'rea ll time-wasting bums at heart :p or we wouldnt be on lj hee hee
10th-May-2008 10:13 pm(no subject)

I love to read those religion-promoting messages all churches seem to be springing up recently.

You know the ones on the luridly coloured card in the glass display boxes that usually tell you the times of prayer? Usually using some awful pun or rhyme or slightly out dated reference to current affairs to simultaneously force the Good Word onto you while showing the church is still 'down with the kids'. Pow pow.

The message this week (on eye wateringly pink card...because HI-VIS is HOLY-VIS it appears... ) reads, 


Bit threatening really...and I'm not sure the emotion it's meant to stir...fear? Excitement? Pure unadulterated joy? Or just another excuse to put off getting up on Sunday mornings for another few weeks 'cos, hey, he loves you anyway :) WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, no less...

Another week the message read (on highlighter-pen-yellow card, I believe..) 

Now I really don't get how this promotes religion at all because I'm sure *everyone* passing had a list of about a dozen times and indeed people to answer that 'open ended questions of the year' finalist...few of which were 'OMG JESUS NOW! JESUS NOW!'

Sorry, this was utterly random. Revision days make me think of these things.. ponder ponder ponder...

Hope everyone is well :)

9th-May-2008 08:40 pm - boom

Anyone else LOVE sitting in thunderstorms?!

After a few really hot muggy days we're having a huge, knee shaker of one and it's FABULOUS :D I love the uncontrolled power of it all, I was walking back with my shopping (evening food shopping - beating the crowds, turning into my mum lol) across this huge open field and I could feel the oppresive heat cooling off a little and the first rolling rumbles starting and it *still* excites me like I was about 6 again, gazing out my bedroom window at it all.

Enough weather geekery anyway, I *very slightly* take back my love of the sunny weather as my arms got horribly red and ouch :( but thanks to Boots and their timely 'buy one get one free' on suncare, I'm all after-sunned up and armed with a mighty bottle of factor 40...so take that UV rays!

<random spontaneous weather update>***LiGHTNING FLASH YAY!** </random spontaneous weather update>

Universtys winding down now, we seem to have less and less actual lectures which is causing my little panic bubble of OMGEXAMSNOTREADYYETEXAMSEXAMSOMG to inflate a little more everytime I check how close tey really are.  This stress is so BLEH, at the nicest time of the year so far too...this thundestorm relates to my GRRR HEAR ME ROARness 

<random spontaneous weather update>***and here comes the torrents of rain...bloody hell, someone call Noah this is intense shizz</random spontaneous weather update>

Also I had to overlook the chance to work for RIBENA this summer for a few monthplacement, using my analytical chemistry skillzz on their balckcurrent and their juice to test product quality beacuse I need accomodation and transport of my own...in Surrey...which is quite a hike from le Newcastle unfortunately :'(  so thats  a bit poop. That would have been epic...struggle through this degree to make juice and it somehow seem worth it :p

I'm off to join the people on the balcony watching this glorious storm anyway, bai

EDIT:  Huge, inter-hall water balloon fights in the pitch black of night in a thunderstorm are why living in university halls really isnt the real world....and why I bloody LOVE IT...so sad to leave in June *sob!* also I'm now soaking wet and fekking freezing...off to change

8th-May-2008 02:49 pm(no subject)


are made of win :)

Sssssorry if that ruined your layout but I feel the need to spread the joy at the lovely lovely weather incase it goes away :)

Spent the day like a proper student, sitting around in the garden above doing some sunny, outdoor revision...felt like a proper student, the type you see in the prospectus brochures of unis lol

But now I'm back, one frappacino and cornetto later, in my room with yet more revision to do. Have I mentioned I HATE the fact the exams are ruining this glorious weather? Beacuse I do...we're Britain! We don't *do* proper summers! We need to grasp all the vitamin D we can, when we can, exams be damned

I'm horribly, horribly pale this year...I'm very late in starting using Johnson's Holiday Skin lotion (which, by the way, is epic) so I'm actually *reflecting* the sunlight with my paleness...not a hot look when all my friends tan so bloody easily...apart from Amy...who just goes red and gets grumpy, bless her 

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sun if they're having it :) I'm off to be over-cautious with after-sun lotion and eat melon and grapes...oh, and revise..blehh

27th-Apr-2008 03:44 pm(no subject)

You know when you keep a blunt blade in your razor for ages and get used to pressing extra hard when you shave your legs? Then forget you've changed it to a new SHARP one?


Also I'm thinking of, for the first time ever, embracing the fact I have curly hair and just letting it be....straighteners may be my lifesavers usually but so much EFFORT for hot days....

In other news, I took everyone to this all you can eat, 4 cuisine buffet in town and we all ate an indecent amount...I was actually getting chest pains by the time I stopped...and had the all you can eat waddle on the way out where you've eaten so much, you walk like you're pregnant...with a food baby...bleh I'm so not going to be hungry til next week now.

Hope all is well with you, flisty :)
23rd-Apr-2008 06:45 pm(no subject)


^___________________________^ !!!


And yes, overuse of rich text mode is so called for. IT'S DYLAN MORAN! <3
22nd-Apr-2008 06:47 pm - here comes the Sun...
(Brief) Life Update

) The Sun has shown itself at long last! Hurrah, could this be British summertime starting? :o My halls have transformed into Centre Parcs with people in the tennis and netball courts and sitting round on the grass chatting...it's really lovely :) And in the city, everyones sitting round on the grass by the Wills Memorial Building or Colege Green (as seen on Skins :p) eating lunch.

b) I was stuck in the library today for 4 hours revising instead of frolicking in the Suuun as it's a month today my exams start *fear, doom, gloooom* so I'm entering hibernation/panic mode

Atleast my flatmates are all stuck in doing work now too...exam solidarity is strong :) we're all making each other cups of coffee and tea and such

c) I severely underestimated the sheer power of West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce and dolloped a friggin *load* of it into my dinner...thus I'm eating it very, veeeerrrry slowly with my eyes watering and gasping 'bastard' and 'bloody hell' through each mouthfull...BUT I WILL EAT IT...for I am a student, and food of any kind is to be utilised as if food rationing was coming in tomorrow. Basically we're all skint buggers who'd rather have a pint than a meal if it really came to it :)

d) Do I really need 2,500% RDA of Vitamin B12? Or indeed 1,750% of B6...I bought these crazily strong multi-vitamins from Holland and Barretts and am slightly concerned I'm at risk of the lamest overdose in history....

e) Ultimate Frisbee is made of epicness and joy. And is actually counted as a sport by the University of Bristol Athletic Union. :D

f) I should update more often y/n? I don;t know..does anyone read through my ramblings or should I just stick to fics lol


g) I spent the last of my birthday book tokens [yes, I i) turned 19 and ii) am geeky enough for people to buy me book tokens ] on 'You Are What You Eat'  cookbook/ life plan....it's offical..Gillian McKeith owns my soul. :))))

7th-Apr-2008 10:40 pm(no subject)


Insomnia occasionally has it's benefits...certainly lets you see things you usually miss...

20th-Mar-2008 03:12 pm(no subject)

The reason me + large volumes of alcohol are never a good mix...

Those hats were free...it's not an example of my wardrobe...not that that excuses this image at all...or the fact I don;t remeber getting home..or that picture being taken.


Sorry for f-list pollution hee hee hee

ALSO I CLEANED THE KITCHEN OF MY FLAT!! For anyone who has *seen* what our kitchen is usually like will be amazed I'm sure...but yes, I've even bleached all the surfaces and *mopped* for frigs sake...domestic goddess y/y?

I'm home on Sunday to wonderful Newcastle and can finally touch my copy of the HAARP DVD *spazz*
17th-Mar-2008 12:15 pm(no subject)
My HAARP dvd arrived this morning, it's waiting all shiny and new on my desk...IN NEWCASTLE..WHILE I'M STUCK IN BRISTOL FOR ANOTHER WEEK.


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